Thursday, April 22, 2010


The tax job continues to wind down. I've called over one hundred people to tell them to come get their crap out of our office before it closes up, but to little effect. And all the phone calls have forced me to endure what has to be one of the most irritating things that people do with their cell phones. I call. You don't answer. I leave a message telling you exactly why I'm calling and include all relevant information. You call me back without listening to said message. Worse, when I answer, the only thing you say is, "You called me." Now, I understand that you think the world revolves around you. The fact that I've called you a minimum of three times over a period of several weeks trying to get you to act like an adult and come get your crap out of my office tells me that. But I'm not psychic: if you don't tell me who you are, I'm not going to have any idea who you are. I know; profound. So don't whine like a 7-year-old girl when I ask who the hell you are. And don't give me that juvenile heavy-sigh routine you use on your mom (whose basement I'm sure you still live in) when I have to look up who you are and why I called you. It could have been one of several reasons and, sorry, you're not important enough to me to remember which it was. Next time, listen to your voice mail before calling back.

Friday, 4pm cannot get here soon enough.

I called a placement agency this morning and set up an appointment to meet with them on Monday morning. I don't know what they have or what the time-frame is, but a full-time temporary position starting in June and running into the fall would be perfect. Fingers and toes crossed. We still don't have the exact timing on our move to Florida. Our lease runs out around the end of October/early November, but we may scram before that and leave the apartment here empty. Given that this place is running around 70% occupancy right now, I doubt they will give us a break on the lease, so we'll have to pay for it anyway. A lot depends on the job that is supposedly waiting for Debbie down in Florida.

Some quick links before I have to scamper off:

US consumers are not consuming enough. It's always something; either we're greedy bastards that are using up the planet, or we're greedy bastards who are saving and paying down debt instead of using up the planet.

Is all CO2 created equal? It seems volcanic CO2 doesn't contribute to global warming, only SUV CO2. This is science at its best.

Will the humor-impaired ever figure out that suing people because they are making fun of them only gets their insults far more publicity than they would ever get on their own. And it makes them look stupid in the bargain, whether you are a World Famous Climatologist or yet-another brainless raghead spouting religious nonsense and empty threats.

My prophecy is beginning to come true. Let's all hope my tea leaves are muddled.

Would someone explain to me why gays are Democrats? It would only take me being thrown under the bus once to figure out who are not my allies. I must be smarter than the average gay.

Whoops! Gotta go.

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