Saturday, April 10, 2010

Different job?

As Ric mentioned in his earlier post -- I have a chance at another job within AAA Northern New England. It involves a different office -- in Nashua NH, but it would be a travel agent position. After weighing all the pros and cons, I've decided against it. I would love to get back into the real travel agent job, but money wise, this offer was not going to work out for us.

We are also still highly considering moving again before the end of the year. Between Ric not really liking the cold and snow up here, the expensiveness of everything in our "Live Free or Die" state, and me not being in a job I like; we are hoping a job offer I had in January will be available again this fall. (More on that later -- keep those fingers crossed for us -- I'm sure family/friends will like it because it will be in Florida!)

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GreatMatt said...

*Fingers Crossed*