Monday, November 09, 2009

And the winner is........

New Hampshire.

AAA New Hampshire was the first to offer me a job. I will be working in Keene NH (southwest part of the state) for AAA as a member service counselor. That means I am not a "real travel agent" -- I am not suppose to book cruises and international air/tours. I'm sure I can work out something with them to book my family! We will wait and see. My start date is Nov 30th.

Ric and I will probably drive over later this week to scout out apartment rentals in the area and get something signed and under deposit. Then back here to Michigan to pack up things again, run up north to say some goodbyes and head out to our new place the Monday before Thanksgiving.

If we don't get around to see you to say Hi and Goodbye ... sorry. You can all come help carry things from the basement to the garage and into the Penske truck and say Hi and Bye at the same time!

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