Saturday, November 21, 2009

All packed and ready to roll

We got everything into the Penske truck and our Durango (thanks for help from Ric's cousin in law Aaron); got cleaned up and headed to one of our favorite restaurants near here -- Lucky's Steakhouse (thanks for dinner Mom!) and then to the house for the last of the laundry and packing up the overnight bags.

I doubt we will be heading out of Michigan at the crack of dawn tomorrow (like Ric said in his post), but pretty early never the less. We have reservations Sunday night in Batavia NY again and will crash there for the night, dinner at Alex's Place (another great restaurant in their neighborhood) and back up the next morning to finish our last leg into Swanzey NH. We hope to be to our new apartment by mid afternoon. And then the fun begins again -- unloading and unpacking! We will get a small reprieve for the holidays -- we are heading to Steve and family's place for a great Thanksgiving dinner and visit. (Can't wait to see youse all!!!)

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