Monday, August 17, 2009

Monthly Geek Post

The monthly stats post is about a half-month late this month. We just didn't have time to mess with such things until we got back to AZ. Anyway.

Total visitors for the month: 290. This is about average for the last year or so. Based on the days and times that people visit, most of those 290 visitors were supposed to be working instead of reading blogs, but I'm sure the minor ding in GDP caused by people at working reading this site is insignificant compared to the huge dent caused by Facebook.

XP is still kicking Vista to the curb (69.7% vs. 19.7%). Now that the PC manufacturers have Win 7, I expect the Vista and XP numbers to both fall off a cliff over the next few months. Mac was at 5.2%, and Linux bringing up the rear at 2.4%. There were also three visits from the virus-breeders; 2 NT visits and one Win98. People have to be spoofing; no one still has a Win98 box connected to the internet, do they?

Firefox edged out MSIE (45.5% vs. 40.1%) when you combine the various versions in use. Firefox 2 disappeared, but there was a single hit from Firefox 1.0, probably from Joe Win98. Firefox 3.5 is now ahead of 3.0, which is sensible. MSIE 7.0 is still the most popular version of IE, but 8.0 is now well in front of 6.0. If you browse with IE, do yourself and the world a favor and upgrade to 8.0. It's good enough to even tempt me to quit using Firefox. Chrome 2.0 (7.9%), Netscape (2.8%) and Safari(1.7%) rounds out the major browsers.

(And yes, if you're anal and add up the percentages, they don't equal 100%. I left out several minor OS's and browsers.)

OK, enough of the pocket protector stuff. I need to get ready to take a drive. We will be making a library run today, then heading out to Arcosanti with stops at the Penske and Budget rental places on the way to get firm pricing, dates, etc. Then we start back on filling up bins. Woohoo!

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