Tuesday, August 25, 2009


As Debbie mentioned last night/early this morning, we are getting very close to D-day. This morning we pretty much packed up everything in the bedroom. When Debbie gets back from her lunch, she will start on the stamping stuff in the office while I clear everything out of the bedroom except the bed and start doing the final cleaning of that room. Then we get everything out of the kitchen other than what we need today and tomorrow for our last couple dinners in the apartment. Tomorrow we do the bathroom and clearing out as much of the apartment as we can fit in our storage area and our garage. Thursday morning we go pick up the truck and start loading. We have a couple from Arcosanti that will be coming over later in the afternoon to help carry the heaviest stuff out of here. The goal is that when we stop Thursday, there will be nothing left except the air mattress for us to sleep on and the clothes we will be wearing Friday as we drive out of Arizona. We expect to be in Burt, Michigan by Monday afternoon. So far, the flying monkey wrenches has stayed at bay. Lets hope that continues.

Couple quick notes on the economy: the government continues to demonstrate its inability to forecast, well, anything. Not revenue, not expenditures, not borrowing, not Cash for Clunkers. Any CFO in a publicly-traded company that had as miserable of a record would be in prison for fraud. And in a sign that there is at least something left of the Republic, a judge has told the Fed that just because it pretends to not be part of the government doesn't mean it can ignore Freedom of Information requests. Soon we will know just which banks have been doing the most sucking at the Fed's massive teat.

This month's cover story at Wired is Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess. It's a bit longer than most of the articles I usually link to, but read the whole thing. Mamas, don't let your children grow up to be marketers. (If you read the whole thing, that will make at least some sort of sense.) With apologies to Ed, Patsy, Waylon and Willie of course:

I know I keep saying this and then end up doing a bunch of posting here, but other than a quick post tomorrow before I tear down our main system and pack it up, don't be surprised if things are quiet around these parts for a while.


Anonymous said...

I hope your move goes OK. The Prescott bloggers will mis yiu.

Ric said...

Thanks. We were just starting to "settle" when the job situation fell apart. We had hoped to spend at least a few years in Prescott. I'm sure we'll be back at some point.