Friday, February 15, 2008

Psycho Chef

I get a kick out of the "chef" where I work. I'm not sure what sort of restaurants he worked in prior to this one, but he can't seem to handle a rush without going completely psychotic. And by "rush" I mean anything more than three or four tables at a time. So last night (Valentine's Day) was a disaster, complete with burned food, a grease fire in the middle of dinner (because the lazy jackass never cleans his oven out; there is about an inch of semi-liquid tar floating around in the bottom of it), food coming up in complete nonsensical order or not at all; in other words, a kitchen crash.

We are out of everything, so today and tomorrow should be interesting. At least we got in a new tub of Diet Coke so I can keep myself nice and jittery all night.

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