Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Old News

Packaged as new news. It's been at least a decade since sugar pills were shown to be a more effective treatment for depression than Prozac:
Almost 50 clinical trials were reviewed by psychologists from the University of Hull who found that new-generation anti-depressants worked no better than a placebo – a dummy pill – for mildly depressed patients.
Mind is urging GPs to consider alternative therapies such as exercise – particularly outdoor exercise – which it believes has shown to be very effective in combating depression.
Heh. Right. Exercise. Outdoors. Besides, if millions of prescriptions for Prozac are replaced with outdoor exercise, who's going to pay the multi-million dollar bonuses to the drug company CEO's?

UPDATE: Don't stop taking your meds because, while they do nothing for your depression, they do screw up your body chemistry and stopping cold turkey can have serious consequences. And big pharma's stocks will suffer. I'm not sure which consequence the medical industry is more concerned about.

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