Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Followup to the WikiLeaks Story

Seems to be some confusion around the whole take-down of WikiLeaks.org:
In a somewhat confusing flurry of orders, the court first ordered operator Dynadot LLC to “immediately disable the wikileaks.org domain name and account....

But hours later the court amended the order, removing the requirement to disable the entire WikiLeaks domain but ordering that all JB documents [the ones proving that the rich, Swiss assholes were using their Cayman Island branch to launder drug money] be removed from all servers.
But of course their domain still doesn't resolve.

Understand that this is a web site that has leaked information on military prisons in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, but they get knocked off the internet (well, just in the US; the site has several mirrors) for revealing criminal wrong-doing by a bunch of rich, Swiss assholes.

It's long been known that the US has the best politicians money can buy. Now it seems we have the best judges that (foreign) money can buy, but they must be new to the game as they don't seem to be staying bought. I'm sure they will learn quickly.

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