Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Winter is back in a big way. We have lots of snow and COLD. Not just cold as in your nose hairs freeze or you get frost on your eyeballs. That just normal January weather. I'm talking serious cold that makes body parts just drop off.

Obviously, I haven't been here much because I have been putting a lot of miles on the truck plowing our place, the church, my parents, etc.

More on the Huygens probe here and here. I had hoped for a splash-down, but we got a splat instead. That's OK; I'll take a splat. There still are not a lot of images on the internet, but from the ones I have been seeing, the probe landed right on the beach of a large body of... well... of what no one seems to know for sure. But there is definitely something liquid happening on Titan, and that makes my week.

I haven't really spent that much time on line, so I don't have much reading material for everyone. I know that really disappoints some (most?) of you, but I'm sure you can handle it. Besides, I'll give every one a double dose tomorrow.

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