Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I have a meeting with my boss in about five minutes, so this will be short.

Homework continues to consume my life. I got in over 100 pages of reading last night. Tonight I have to do the hard part: write a critique of it. At least I have a few extra hours Thursday morning; I don't have to meet with my study group, so I won't roll out of town until one or two in the afternoon. That will give me several hours in the AM to refine what I write tonight and tomorrow night.

I'm not seeing anything worthwhile in the news. Iraq continues down the road predicted by many. Kerry continues to alienate much of the swing vote and Bush fails to capitalize. One wonders if he really wants to be president a second term. I'm tired of the talking heads who have seemed to invade even the Internet.

Well, I must not keep the boss man waiting...

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