Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016!!

Ok, so let's get the normal Christmas stuff out of the way:

And new for 2016:

I'll (mostly) refrain from talking politics on Christmas day, but let me say this: "Russia hacked the election" has to be the single most idiotic internet meme since the end of the Mayan calendar fiasco. Trust me; if Russia had "hacked the election" (whatever in the names of the gods that means). there wouldn't be any tracks for the CIA to find. Bottom line; Hillary Clinton was the worst presidential nominee running the worst election campaign since Michael "The Turtle" Dukakis was handed his ass by George H. W. Bush. (For those under the age of 45, Wikipedia has a nice summary.)

Our Christmas gift to ourselves was an small addition to the trailer:

Anyone interested in a lightly used 8x8 shed?

We also have a major water leak (thanks Krampus) that means we need to keep the water shut off to the entire trailer most of the time. And being the holidays, unless we pay for an emergency visit, we get to wait. For how long, we have no idea. We've been planning on tearing out all the old plumbing and redoing it just for this reason. We had hoped to pay for the car port/shed first, but I guess we get to keep chuckin' money out a window....

Anyway, Merry Christmas!!

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