Saturday, May 17, 2014


Well, summer appears to be over. Woke up this morning to temps in the low 60's. Everyone in the park is digging the sweaters and winter coats back out and complaining about how cold it is. It never dawns on the whiners that they were complaining a few days ago about how hot it was. I'm sure this is temporary, so I will be outside today taking full advantage of it to get as much work done in the yard as I possibly can. We had some rain, so the grass and weeds are growing so fast you can hear 'em at night. OK, that may be a slight exaggeration. But it's jumping up there fast.

I also have to go digging around and see why water isn't getting down to the end of the soaker hose. I expected it to clog up with roots eventually, but not less than six months after I laid the thing out. But this is Florida, so it could have gotten blocked already. I don't like how I routed it anyway, so maybe I'll take this as a sign to rearrange things.

And we are going to try to make some progress on the interior of this dump. We've been completely focused on exterior work for the last 18 months, but now it's time to start making the place livable. The first step will be to build the coat closet next to the front door so we can get all the coats out of the hall closet, which will become my clothes closet. I also need to get the caulking gun back out and finish up ant-proofing the Florida room. We've already had two serious invasions, mainly due to the dry weather we've been having. It's really weird; lines of ants walking right by dirty plates to get to a drop of water in the kitchen sink. Usually, I run the soaker hose in the beds around the trailer and they go away, but with the soaker hose not working, it didn't have much effect. The rain we got Thursday night did the trick, but with the expectation of another dry summer, I really need to get that soaker hose working.

At least I now have plenty of time; the bastards in the park bitching about me working finally got what they wanted. I was fired on Monday. Congratulations, bastards. As for Carefree and its Nancy No-Nuts CEO, the less said the better.

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