Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Busy Weekend

We were busy little persons this weekend. We kicked things off early with a bunch of planting on Thursday and Friday. One of the couples here in the park gave us a ton of plants and cuttings, and another couple gave us some starts from their plumeria bush. They are all in the ground now except the plumeria. I'm leaving that in the pot until its roots develop a bit more, and to give me time to make a spot for it. They get pretty big, so I want to make sure it has some room. Here is how things look so far:

Nothing really new up here, just rosemary going crazy trying to eat the porch. The thyme is doing anything from good to poor, depending on which plant. I may have to give up on the sage. It doesn't ever do anything except sit there not growing for a few months, then gradually dies.

Hard to see the new stuff with the crazy purple-flowered plant in the way, but we have a couple plants that we're not sure what they are (probably some sort of begonia), gardenia, philodendron, and some sort of miniature iris that seems to volunteer all over the park. 

We stuck in a spider plant and some aloe back here. The aloe is supposed to put up a spike with bunches of small orange blossoms in spring/summer. We'll see what happens. The big, green spiky thing in the center is another plant that likes to take over anyplace in the park not being routinely mowed. We got this one from my parents, but it will be relocated to the fence to make room for the plumeria currently rooting in a pot tucked into a shady spot. We'll leave the small suckers for now, but we'll need to keep them in check. Every one of those leaves has a needle-sharp spike on the end, and I swear it jumps out of the bed and stabs your leg when you walk by. 

A rose bush of some sort, geraniums and ginger (which is just a root and hasn't poked its head up yet). And some other kind of plant that my mother always grew as an annual in our Michigan back yard, but I can't find a name for.

On Saturday, we headed downtown for the Zephyrhills Music and Motorcycles event:

I've owned cars that were smaller than this beast.

For the economy biker.

The latest in biker fashion.

Another monster three-wheeler, with a rag top.

We lived down the street from a place that did custom work similar to this when we were out in Prescott AZ. Serious eye candy.

Phoenix crankin' out the tunes.

The band, Phoenix, was awesome. It's probably the first event we've been to with a band that plays "our" music (late 1970's and early 1980's rock). Nice change from really old oldies and country/western.

Sunday, I spent the morning watering all the new plants. The weather has been rather odd for the last six months or so. We had a dry season that wasn't, followed by a rainy season that wasn't either. And we're trying to get plants in the ground. We had clouds and even thunder in the afternoon and evening, but not a drop of rain. But if the summer rains are late, the summer heat and humidity have arrived in full force, so once the watering was done,  it was indoor projects instead of melting outside:

We took the small window out between the kitchen and Florida room. Because of how the AC was put in, the hole is sorta necessary for the air circulation to work correctly. We'll eventually trim out the hole and have a narrow shelf there.

The new hole from the kitchen side, plus the monster pile of dirty dishes. Probably ought to get on that....

We had to rip out the carpet a while back because the wax seal crapped out on the old toilet. This is just a coat of primer to make it easier to clean and help preserve the wood until we redo all the floors.

Monday was the park Memorial Day potluck. The weather was sunny with a few clouds all day:

Intense sports...

Intense conversation...

Intense floating...

Intense eating.

We did finally get a small shower in the afternoon, but what we really need right now is a good ol' fashioned Florida summer gully-washer. Today is supposed to be a possibility of our afternoon rains, but the chances are not that high. At least we seem to be hanging onto our morning cloud cover, so I may get a break from dragging the hose all over the place.

Debbie has today off because she will be working this Saturday, so we're going to canvas the park for a truck we can steal long enough to run down to Home Depot and load up on enough stuff to knock a couple more bits off the to-do list over the next several weeks.

Well, gotta get at it.

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