Thursday, April 10, 2014

Still Kickin'

The end is in sight; I only need to drag my tired ol' bones to Walmart five more times, then I get to relax. Well, "relax" is probably the wrong word. More like frantically try to get caught up before I start my summer job on May 1st. But compared to sitting in a metal cube in Walmart, bombarded with stupidity and other people's diseases, it will seem like sitting on a beach sipping some form of hard liquor in comparison.

I don't talk much about peak oil anymore, largely because it seems rather pointless. Most people I encounter have their heads fully stuffed into the sand and just don't want to hear that they may be required to give up their God-given right to destroy every inch of the planet. Seriously; that is why God created the world, wasn't it? So we could screw it up? Shove countless species into the hole? Leave behind a toxic wasteland for our children and our children's children? All so we can drive around in 10,000 pound SUV's festooned with "Praise JESUS!" and "Drill Baby Drill!" bumper stickers, right?

Ahem. Anyway.

John Michael Greer had a link to this little gem in his most recent column:

Peak Oil Denial Bingo!

There are a couple other keepers at that site, like the software development bingo card. Back in the day, I could have filled one of those puppies multiple times at every endless meeting I was forced to be a "participant" in. I'm so glad I now spend my summers mowing grass....

I've been in contact with my Uncle Charlie's second wife, who seems to have inherited his collection of "stuff" from his Shaverite years. I should soon have more information to post over at the Charles A. Marcoux blog that I started as a repository for everything I've been able to dig up. I recently contacted a couple of his children to get some leads and let them know what I was up to.

Well, I need to get some other work done before I have to go sit and stew in bacteria and stupid.

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