Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Happy Blogiversary

I've been dumping inanities on the internet for ten years as of today. At least using Blogger. There was the daynotes site before that and endless e-mail lists and forums going back to before the days of the internet (anyone remember Compuserve? Prodigy?). But this iteration started ten years ago today sitting in the cabin on our property in northern Michigan, running my laptop off a bank of deep-cycle batteries while connected to the internet at a blazing 14.4 Kbps over a phone line that General Telephone had run along the ground and hung on tree branches. Sweet.

I've dug up more Uncle Charlie info, but I don't have it together enough to make another post out of it. I just jumped on here because Debbie happened to look at the calendar today and remind me that I started this thing ten years ago today.

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