Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead

"Pastor" (not sure how anything this person ever said or did corresponds to any definition of the word) Fred Phelps, Sr., creator of the website and head of the Westboro "Baptist" (his church was not affiliated with any denomination, Baptist or otherwise) "Church" (The only members were family and a couple neighbors; the IRS yanked their 503c years ago) is dead. Maybe now he's enjoying his version of heaven where he will be sodomized for all eternity by the dead soldiers whose funerals he and his "church" desecrated. You really have to wonder about a guy who spends his entire adult life 100% focused on gay male sex. Speaking of which, has CPS ever checked up on the kids in this "church"? Do they have such a thing in Kansas? Anyway, it sounds like the whole thing started blowing itself apart in September 2013, when the church excommunicated Phelps Sr. for being too nice to gays. Or they finally discovered what many of us have assumed all along; Phelps was suffering from a classic case of self-loathing.

As a counterpoint, watch this:

Album should be available in the US this summer. Amazon has her CD listed as available on April 8th, but the price is over $40. She's supposed to be in America this summer; one would assume that will coincide with official US distribution and a more reasonable price.

And summer appears to have finally arrived. Hot, muggy and buggy. All that's left is for the snowbirds to fly back north.

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