Monday, January 13, 2014

Make Up Yer Mind!

Last weekend, our high temperatures were the 80's. Then we dropped, with high's barely in the 40's. On Friday, it was back up in the 80's. Now something else weird is going on; clouds, high winds, rain (in the so-called dry season), and nighttime temps low enough the heat kicks on and daytime temps high enough the AC kicks on. Everyone we talk to has some sort of lingering respiratory infection.

But at least it hasn't snowed.

I was able to finish cleaning up after the last couple landscaping projects and get the "yard" to a place where I can ignore it until after April 15th. I have some early morning running I need to do to get set for tax season, then I hope to have time for some photos. If I do, you'll be the first to know.

Speaking of photos, I had my parents bring some of my dad's old family photos down here so I could scan them in before they deteriorate any further. Most of them date back to the late 1800's and early 1900's, and haven't exactly been properly cared for. Some have names and dates, but many of them are anonymous photos of people no living person can identify. I did find one interesting bit; it seems Harry Potter was one of my ancestors:

(Actually, I think it was an early photo of my grandfather.)

We did something different-ish on Sunday. We were at Disney World, which isn't different for us, but instead of our usual agenda, we were there to see Debbie's cousin Beth running in the annual Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge. This was taken just past the half-way point in front of Animal Kingdom:

Pretty bad that she looks less tired after running 13 miles the day after running a half marathon than we felt after just standing on the side of the course for an hour. We also saw her at mile 25 in Epcot, but Debbie threw all our stuff at me and took off down the course running with Beth, so I didn't get a photo. She hasn't posted anything as of me typing this, but I'm sure she'll have all the gory details on her blog.

The most entertaining part of watching a marathon is the crazy get-ups people wear. Isn't running a marathon enough of a challenge without trying to run it while dressed up like a fairy? And you're a 6'10" guy? I'd like to give a couple special shout-outs: Wonder Woman - I'm sure your barely-legal costume made every guy's day. It certainly woke me up.... And to the two guys in full-body costumes (one was Shamu, the other was Tigger), congrats on not collapsing in the middle of the course from heat exhaustion. Seriously, we both broke out in a panic sweat just watching you run by.

Well, I need to get cleaned up and out the door. Besides, Google is driving me crazy today with all the errors. I've gotten a dozen pop-ups that Google couldn't auto-save my entry, and I've tried to upload a video three times. More later.

Later: Not sure what Google's problem was earlier, but everything seems fine now. Anyway, speaking of crazy get-ups, no one knew what this guy's deal was, but he seemed to be having a great time running a marathon wearing a sousaphone:

I was planning on getting some work done outside today, but instead spent most of the afternoon at my parents chatting. Tomorrow is a remote possibility, but it's supposed to rain all day (not that the weather liars ever get it right). After that, it's Tax Season!!

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