Sunday, March 18, 2012


The energy is definitely lacking. There has been something attacking my lungs since January. I've had one course of antibiotics already and am now on my second with a massive steroid kicker. It doesn't seem to be getting any better. Maybe I should just go dig my dying hole.

The good news is that I am rid of the ghetto clinic and have a real doctor now, complete with an M.D. after his name and everything! It's like I'm living in the First World or something! I've also started research into getting some of my meds cheaper and discovered another strike against the ghetto clinic/pharmacy. First, they lied about/were ignorant about which of my meds are eligible for discount or free. Second they lied about/were ignorant about how the meds could be delivered to me, insisting I had to pick them up at the ghetto pharmacy, when in fact they could have been delivered directly from the manufacturer to my house. And third, they were marking up meds they were getting for free with a handling charge. Done and done.

Good Tom the Dancing Bug:

Who would have thought we would ever be in such a place. The only "good news" is that Peak Oil will bring an end to much of this nonsense over the next few generations. Not that what replaces it will necessarily be any better, but at least the opportunity will be there.

With my crazy work schedule, we haven't had any time to do much of anything. We did manage a quick trip down to Animal Kingdom on Thursday. It wasn't as much fun as usual what with me stopping to gasp for air every 20 steps or so, but it was still a break from sitting in the ghetto apartment. We were hoping to see Jabali, the baby elephant born last August, but I think Mom is keeping him hid away from the tourists. I caught a quick glimpse of the two of them behind the boulders first thing in the morning, and nothing when we went back later in the day.

Speaking of work, they did manage to get the carpet installed in our branch, although everything was done to screw it up and the job wasn't finished until late Monday. We opened anyway and just had the unfinished parts roped off. Now that it's done, we can hopefully put the library completely back together for the first time since I started volunteering there 18 months ago. And because it was so much fun to do it once, I'm being loaned out to another branch next week so I can do it all again. Wheeee!! At least after that, my schedule goes back to something that approximates normality, although the "Ric never EVER gets a Sunday off even if he requests it" rule still seems to be in effect. We'll see what the next schedule looks like.

And I'm probably getting ahead of things saying this, but we may be moving. Yea, yea; big sooprise: Ric and Debbie are thinking about relocating. We don't have anything at this point other than a vague possibility. And it won't be a long move this time, just a quick relocate to the "good" side of Florida.

And that's all I have for today.


Anonymous said...

Mama isn't ready to share Jabala yet - I'm looking forward til she is and you have pictures -
Good luck with the New Dr - sounds like he is very caring and helpful.

Ric said...

I was surprised we got a peek when we were there in September; elephant females are very protective of the young 'uns. We'll try again next time we have a day off together that we're not spending with my parents.

Next week I get to have round two the the new doc. See what he says when he sees my sky-high A1C.