Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cruise Photos

I finally finished up the photos from our cruise. A few samples:

This photo most likely violates a dozen or so federal laws. This was some sort of chase vehicle that followed us out of port as part of the 9/11 10th Anniversary Celebration along with police check points and a bunch of people with Big Scary Guns who would probably kill more bystanders than terrorists if they ever opened fire.

Boat for sale.

Really expensive places for people to live in Miami.

The most interesting thing in Freeport, Bahamas: crumbling ruins.

James Bond lives here. (I saw it in a movie; it must be true.)

Our last night at sea.


Anonymous said...

W O W !!!! those sunset pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!
THANKS for sharing,
Love, Mom

Debbie said...

The sunset pictures turned out great! We were waiting for the green flash, but didn't get one that nite.