Thursday, June 16, 2011

Still Truckin'

Yesterday, Debbie had the day off. We had a bunch of running around to do (mostly futile) so while we were out putting gas through the engine, we clocked my current bike route. It's currently 9.8 miles, which I rode this morning at an average of 10.4mph. (Hey; if the global warming hysterics can claim to know the temperature of the earth to tenths of a degree, I can calculate my average speed to tenths of an mile-per-hour....)

Yesterday, we once again engaged in a completely futile attempt to "buy local." We had a list of miscellaneous items that had been building up for the last couple months. So off we trundled into the Florida heat and humidity. Complete and total strike-out. So today, got another c-note from us. We wasted several hours and a quarter tank of gas for nothing. This makes twice; there won't be a third time.

I don't have much else to say right now, so here is a bunch of videos that sort of piled up while we were out of town.

Watching that made me realize that I spent waaaaaay too much time in front of the boob tube in my youth. Probably still do. I recognized far too many of those clips.

A time-lapse video:

The Arctic Light from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Amazing stuff.

Impressive bit of violence on the sun. At the scale in this video, the earth would be a dot, just to give some perspective on the size of the explosion.

Another amazing time-lapse:

Plains Milky Way from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.

Yes; I'm a sucker for these things. Sue me.

I may have posted this one before, but it's worth a second watch. These are raw shots from the Cassini Mission from Chris Abbas on Vimeo. Amazing stuff.

Last but not least:

It's so awesome that there are crazy people in the world so us normals can watch video of them doing spectacular stuff.

[This post is complete trash on Firefox, but looks OK on Chrome and IE9. Closing and re-opening Firefox does not fix things. I'm going to assume that something is borked on my system. Given the problems we've been having with the Internet in general, I'm not surprised. Anyone reading this from outside my household, let me know it things look squirrely.]


GreatMatt said...

Hey! I'm using Firefox, and everything looks okay to me. This post looks just like all the others. :-)

Ric said...

Yea, it looks ok for me this morning as well. It was showing chunks of Bloggers home page instead of the videos and no amount of F5'ing would fix it. Firefox finally decided to show the page correctly after I made some layout changes completely unrelated to this post.

This whole internet thing seems to be shaky lately.

Ric said...

And now a different video is showing the Blogger bar instead of the linked video. Looks like it might be time to uninstall Firefox and reinstall. I had to do that once before after wandering off the beaten path into the dark alleys of the internet. I was cruising used car sites last weekend, so I may have picked up some digital herpes, although no scanner I have can find anything.