Friday, April 08, 2011

Not a winner

Well, neither myself or any family member won the HUGE Powerball drawing Wednesday night. That means we all still have to go to work. Darn!

I got news Wednesday at work that they are changing our pay structure once again. This is the third time since I've started (Aug 2010)! So much for that pay raise for a few months! Ric is in the last part of tax season with [name of big-box tax place redacted], so his job is about done for the year. He is not too sure what will happen next. He would like to start his own business doing taxes. This will involve looking for "office space" since we can not "operate a business" out of our apartment. It will involve a bunch of other things too, but the office space will be one of the first to figure out. If we could find a place that has living space also that would be a bonus. Or at least big enough to have the extra storage room that would mean we could get rid of the storage space at UHaul we are currently paying an extra $65/month for.


Anonymous said...

we didnt get a single number on either of the latest big jackpots. Oh well, cant win if you dont play!

Anonymous said...

I got my tickets and one for each of 3 HPM IS people - some of us got a number or 2 - so didn't have to figure out whose ticket was whos :)

Debbie said...

I think I got one number on one line and two on another, but no powerball.

I did buy another for tonite, another chance to win!