Sunday, November 14, 2010


Finally talked Ric into making waffles this morning .....mmmmmmmmm.

Next Saturday his parents are coming over to "celebrate" Ric's birthday. They will finally get to see one of the places we live since not in Michigan. They had previously complained about not seeing any of our other places -- not even pictures. This past summer, Ric made a few picture DVD's they can "play" in the DVD player we gave them that had pictures of Arcosanti, our Prescott apartment, and our Swanzey apartment, plus ALOT more. Now, they can see in person and take their own pictures and develop them of our first Florida apartment.

It was funny when he told me about them coming over Saturday. While at work yesterday I was talking to one of my coworkers about things to do for Ric's birthday over the weekend. The last thing I came up with as a joke was to drive over to see his parents' place in Z... Hills. Steven laughed and I said, Nah, Ric would kill me! Imagine my smile when I heard his parents were coming here instead. Oh well -- Ric didn't want to spend money to do anything for his birthday. I guess we will wait and do something over Christmas and then my birthday in January.

Well--- first waffle is almost done -- gotta go enjoy!

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