Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bad two weeks

This pay period that just ended has been the worst one for me since I started with this new job. For the whole two weeks I only got 12 bookings. Compared to last pay period that I got 45. On my 90 day review last week, I got marked down for sales quota. Only once (last pay period) did I actually make quota. I was told between now and the first of the year, it will be very slow; but after the first of the year I am expected to make quota. I certainly hope so! I would hate to lose this job because of not hitting goal the majority of the time.

As Ric mentioned our "Black Friday/Turkey Day Sale" was a bust. I know some people got some bookings, but I got nothing on Friday and only one on Saturday. Saturday I lucked out to get mostly customer service calls while Max got all the sales calls. The other girl working also mentioned he seemed to be getting all the sales calls too. I've wondered before if he doesn't sign into all our our queues. I know one other person that said she didn't think he did and he had been talked to about it before. It bothers me, but no way for me to prove it.

Hope everyone had a good turkey day and for those that braved the stores for sales on black friday, that you survived.

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