Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Well, That Was a Waste

All that for nothing: partition table is still borked and HDMI still not delivering audio. So we're kickin' it old school with our 1920x1080 running over a VGA cable and audio being taken care of by my trusty, 10-year-old Edirol UA-1A.

This stuff used to be easier. I must be getting old.

As expected, I contributed 600% profit to Best Buy's bottom line. The VGA cable that is $4 on Amazon cost me $25. I wanted to hand a knife to the Check-Me-Out Chick and tell her to point it at me while I swiped my card so I wouldn't feel like such an idiot, but I figure that would just get me arrested as a terrorist.

So now I just have to reinstall everything and get it all set up like I want it. I should have that done about the time the PC blows a drive or something.

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