Saturday, August 14, 2010

We are here

Today we finished up driving thru South Carolina, thru Georgia and then into Florida.

We are trying to unpack some things at our short term home -- Homestead Suites in Lake Mary. Tomorrow we go see about our first choice apartment from the last time we were here looking at apartments. They have a 3 bedroom apartment that came open around Wednesday when I happen to call down and ask! Bad news is it is not on any type of "move in special" -- it is normally about $160/mt more than the two bedroom. With the "move in special" for the two bedroom it is closer to $200-240 more. I don't think it will be worth it, but we will see.

I got a call Friday at 555p from my new boss --- first thing she said after saying Hi, was the training schedule was being changed. Of course, being all the way to Florence SC; my first thought was "Oh great -- she is moving it to October" Good news, the only thing she was changing was the time. I will be working 9a-6p M-F instead of 10a-7p for probably the first two weeks.

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