Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Settling In

We have all the important stuff set up: computers, printer, internet. The necessities of life. Everything else is still a disaster. I keep looking at the piles of bins. And then our dinky closets. And back at the piles of bins. Then I sit down with a big glass of ice tea and play on the internet. Rinse and repeat.

I did manage to accomplish one thing yesterday: The dreaded trip to the DMV:

The new blogger is attempting some fancy formatting. This may take a couple tries. Anyway, it wasn't quite that bad other than the list of documents required to prove who I am. Florida tries to blame the Feds, but that's a load of crap: I've gotten drivers licenses in two other states since the post-9/11 regs and didn't need to bring a foot-thick pile of documents to the DMV in order to prove my identity. But it's done; I have a shiny new Florida drivers license and matching plate for my car. We were going to get one with baby sea turtles on it, but not for an extra $28 a year. They're cute, but not that cute.

What I love about Florida is how complicated becoming a resident is. I'm sure almost no one does it. Just because you have a Florida license plate, Florida drivers license, work in Florida, pay taxes in Florida, and live in Florida, you are not a Florida resident. In order to be a resident, you have to file a sworn statement at the county clerk's office. Failure to do so is legally actionable, but rarely happens unless you're famous and some petty local bureaucrat gets their nickers in a twist.

Today's task list is laundry, filing, and attempting to empty more bins. One big hold up right now is that we have all the bins piled up in the spare bedroom which is also where the bookcase goes. I need the bookcase set up so I can empty some bins, but I can't do that until the bins are empty to make room for the bookcase. It's like a Zen riddle. Or bad planning.

Well, I should probably get at it.

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