Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back Online

I finally have both computers set up and connected to the internet. With Brighthouse Networks, that is not a DIY project; you have to call them and have the modem remotely reset whenever the equipment connected to the modem is changed. No one told us that when it was installed, so when I tried to set up our network, the internet failed. No big, except that we didn't have a phone number for Brighthouse. When we signed the lease on the apartment, we were given a local number to get a special deal for residents of the complex. That number is just some guy's personal cell phone. None of the other paperwork we had from the installation had a phone number of any kind. And no internet access to look it up, because the reason we needed the number was to get the internet working again. Last night, we spotted a Brighthouse van on the road and chased it down. No phone numbers there either; just a web site. Sorry, but that's just stupid. If someone sees the van and wants information about getting internet access, they have to have internet access through someone else to get it? Or maybe they're supposed to head on down to the public library to look up the phone number on the Brighthouse web site? Ten digits and two dashes cost so much that you just can't put them on your vehicles? Not too bright, Brighthouse. We finally found a brochure in the office here in the complex that gave a phone number in the fine print on the very last page. These people want to make it as difficult as possible to contact them if you don't already have internet access. But the bottom line is that we have internet and all is well.

Now I just have to go schlepping around the internet to figure out what's wrong with the ATI Radeon card in our main PC. Again. Sure wish I had the money for a real video card....

And a quick check for driver updates fixed everything. Woohoo!!

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