Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekend Tour Guide

We had fun yesterday playing tour guide for Debbie's mom. Today, we're headed up to an area of New Hampshire that is new to us as well, so we won't be so much guides as fellow tourists. I'll work on getting the photos from the two days of traipsing around edited and uploaded next week.

I don't want to jinx anything, so this is going to be a bit vague. We received an e-mail yesterday that may set the date for our move to Florida. It's going to take a couple weeks to firm up some of the details, and probably until somewhere in mid-July to get answers to the rest. But then we should have an actual date, probably sometime in August. Next week, I need to set down with the manager here and find out just how screwed we are on the lease (assuming all the details do that firming thing) if we bail a couple months early. There has been a recent wave of move-ins, so maybe we'll get lucky. Heh.

Here's a great idea: put up a windmill so you can Think Green and stuff, then floodlight it so everyone can see how Green you Think, even at night. I don't think "clueless" even gets into the general neighborhood of this one.

The Supreme Court again upholds the he-who-pays-the-piper doctrine: if your employer provides you with a computer, pager, crackberry, cellphone, or any other device, you cannot claim a right to privacy when you use it for personal use. Whether personal use is allowed by company policy, or even, as in this case, you reimburse your employer for your personal use, is irrelevant. If you want to send perverted text messages and not have your boss reading them, get your own cell phone to do it with.

More chaos in the Gulf as the Coast Guard is now preventing oil clean-up efforts. I'm not sure why we even bother with state government anymore. Federalism is dead-dead.

Obama's (and by extension, lefty-liberals') solution to drugs and illegals pouring into the US from Mexico: give up de facto control of US territory. I guess one could argue the southwest was an illegal taking and we are just righting an old wrong. I doubt the Americans living in the Territories see it that way, but who cares; it's not like Arizona or New Mexico actually matter in presidential elections.

A concept that seems to evade people: in spite of a horribly misguided Supreme Court decision, corporations are not people. A corporation is a fictional entity with no real-world existence. You cannot punish a fictional entity. Demanding $20 billion from "BP" will only hurt real people who had nothing to do with spilled oil. But who gives a damn about some old Brits; it's not like they vote in presidential elections.

We're supposedly in a recovery, yet layoffs continue. So far, the only people who seem to be benefiting from the "recovery" are bank CEO's and Goldman Sachs executives. OK, maybe not all bank CEO's; just the well-connected ones.

That's it for today; I need to jump in the shower and get ready for another day of touring New Hampshire!

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