Friday, June 25, 2010

Shakin' and Bakin'

Our apartment did a funny little jig Wednesday afternoon. One minute I'm just minding my own business being a couch potato, the next my couch feels like it's surfing across the living room, the blinds are waving around, stuff on the shelves is wobbling. And then it stops. I wondered if I had completely gone 'round the bend. I asked Debbie when she came home if she had felt anything at work. She just looked at me as if I had finally gone completely 'round the bend. Thursday, I finally stumbled across an article about an earthquake in Canada. So I'm not nuts. At least not completely. About this one thing.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

And Murphy seems to be having a field day with every possible thing going wrong. And oil will continue to pour into the Gulf for at least another six weeks.

Another 2,000-page bill that not one Congresscritter has bothered to read, and that will have massive unintended economic consequences while failing to achieve its goals. Just another day in DC.

The Wimbledon is seeing all sorts of records falling. The most-obvious is the 11+ hour match over three days between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut which was not only by far the longest match ever, but saw pretty much every other record broken including both players hitting a record number of aces. About the only record they didn't break was broken earlier in the week with Taylor Dent's 148mph serve. Holy. Crap.

Latest genius move by our government: The EPA thinks the fat in cow milk is the same as petroleum. The purpose of government is to hire and pay government workers. If, in the attempt to appear useful, those workers do something incredibly stupid, expect the hiring of more government workers to investigate the stupidity. Not stop it, mind you. Just investigate it. Forever.

The global warming hysterics can't win on the science, so now they are compiling black lists of their enemies. And Muslim teenagers are stoning Jews. And the judge who blocked the across-the-board ban on offshore drilling is receiving death threats. And French unions are going on strike to protest the increase in retirement age above 60. And the US is slipping into a funk.

In happier news, banks are hiring thousands of employees. In less-happy news, they are all being hired to work in "default management."

And despair is a sin.

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