Saturday, June 26, 2010

Early Morning Ramblings from Debbie

I've been awake since 3am and it is time for some ramblings here since I don't want to call and wake anyone at this time of the morning.

Monday is when I will be calling down to Florida to arrange the interview. (wish me luck!)

Then it is decision time. Neither of us want to stay in New Hampshire and Ric would rather be in a state closer to where he believes his parents will probably end up full time in a few years since his Dad has had some issues last year. We recently heard that Ric's sister and brother in law will probably be moving from Alabama up to Arkansas to be near Gary's Dad to help out. It is pretty expensive to live up here (I think Ric said he found someplace that NH is in the top 5 of expensive states!)

I don't want to "cut my nose off to spite my face", but I think I want some time off to visit again with Michigan family and friends before starting the moving process again.

I am feeling very confident about getting this new job in Florida, no "sick to the stomach feeling" about it.

I found an extended stay hotel that sounds perfect in the area where I will be interviewing. For the monthly rate that I can book it at (as a travel agent) it is less than what we are paying here in NH for our apartment. Plus no utilities to pay. It has a kitchen to boot. Just no place to put all our stuff. If we can't find an apartment right away, we may be living in the hotel and storing our stuff again for awhile.

Hmmm...some thoughts that I can't write here and not hurt some feelings.....

I just might have to call that special friend and unload --- get her insight into what I am feeling/thinking.

Aunt Mary has been moved to the PT unit at the hospital after a fall and break. I"m sure she is as much of a trooper as my Mom and will be up and dancing circles around everyone sooner than later.

The beginning of August is time for the Wiklanski reunion again. I can't wait to see everyone.

Well...getting hungry...time to go find some breakfast and maybe read some to see if I will get sleepy again and can get another hour or two in of sleep before having to get ready for work.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers about the job interview and decisions I have to make soon.

and my last rambling thought for now .... unicorns, rainbows and SMILES :-)

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