Friday, May 28, 2010

A Little Break

After we both take care of some work-related stuff tomorrow, we are heading down to party-crash at Debbie's brother's place in the afternoon. We plan on being back here sometime late on Monday because I need to do some work Tuesday to make up for my slackerlyness this week. Debbie doesn't have to be back to work until Wednesday and I probably could take an extra day off, but with Concord/Boston looking for any reason to fire people, the extra day isn't worth losing however much more I can milk out of this job.

The weather has cooled down a bit after a pretty fierce line of thunderstorms rolled through here. A good chunk of our county had the power knocked out, but ours never flickered. That's amazing because our power usually goes out for a couple hours if a bunny farts. In any case, it was sure nice to be out walking around without sweat pouring down my face like earlier this week. I didn't think a few years in Arizona would make us so maladapted to high humidity, but the first part of the week nearly killed us both.

Did I mention we plan to move to Florida?

At least we won't be anywhere near the Gulf coast. I looks like the latest attempt is failing to even slow down the oil pouring into the Gulf. But damn if our President doesn't look so presidential standing there on the beach all Johnny-on-the-Spot. I know I feel better. Don't you feel better? I'll bet all those Louisiana shrimpers feel better. Maybe a red cape to go with his dress shirt with the sleeves all rolled up like he mean bidness.

Enough. It's a holiday. Everyone have a great weekend!

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