Thursday, October 08, 2009

St Pete's

While I was here I decided to per sue another lead with AAA. I looked up the phone number and called the St Petersburg FL office to see if they had a travel agent opening. I had seen it listed on, but Robi (manager of Carrollwood office) did not know if St Pete was hiring or not. She gave me the manager's email and told me she was out of the office for 7-10 days.

Whomever answered the St Pete's main line told me that they were indeed looking for a travel agent since they had one leaving and her last day is tomorrow. I verified the address I found in google and thanked God that it was late working day for them. I got directions (via google maps again) and headed over. Found the place okay (well .... after a slight detour on the wrong road!), filled the application and such and turned in with my current resume. The receptionist said she would give it to the manager tomorrow afternoon when she was back in. she just back or leaving soon or did Robi give me wrong info? Oh well. Another attempt at a job!

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Anonymous said...

And we're keeping our fingers crossed on this one too.