Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Joy is Somewhat Tempered

We have high-ish speed internet (1.5Mbps), but it seems to go out a lot. Plus, the line filters basically change the high-frequency interference on the phones to a low-frequency hum that does a pretty good job of masking whatever it is the person on the other end of the line is saying. So if you call Debbie's mom's house, expect to yell and repeat yourself a lot. Given the for-crap customer service I've had so far, I expect our shiny new DSL provider to be no help whatsoever. I haven't tested the through-put so far (every minute we've had connectivity has been spent downloading endless updates to the two computers we currently have attached to the internet), but I won't be surprised to find that to be somewhat less than the advertised rate. I suspect the problem is the filters are likely the cheapest crap Starnet could find. Or there are issues with the interior wiring in the house. Or there is a problem with the DSL modem. Or there is a problem with the equipment installed at the switch. Or AT&T is sabotaging competing DSL companies using their wires in the hopes of driving us to them (something the tech that came to the house all but confessed was standard AT&T policy).


I'm sure tomorrow will be another day of wasted time on the phone trying to sort this out.

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