Saturday, September 05, 2009

Short Update

Not much going on here because we've been busy working on the basement over in the real world.

And because doing anything over dial-up sucks.

Anyway. The basement floor is completely painted and looks pretty good if we do say so ourselves. We expect a huge improvement in the air quality of the house now that several decades of dirt, firewood debris, ashes and soot have either been cleaned up or permanently sealed under a coat of paint. We started sealing the block walls today and should finish that up tomorrow. Then we move on to drywall repair while we give the floor its seven-day curing time. Then we try to make a living space for ourselves.

No news on the job front. Prospective employers continue to be idiots, asking when we plan to move. Our answer is always the same: as soon as you put a job offer on the table. Do that, and we can be available in a matter of days to start work. But if you think we are moving across the country purely on spec, you're even dumber than I already think you are.

Tuesday, I should be able to start in earnest on getting some sort of high-speed connectivity out here. It's pretty much down to DSL as a first choice, if someone can get it to work this far from the switch (the last time AT&T tried, they couldn't, but another company claims they can); cellular second, if we can get decent signal (definitely will need an external antenna with a signal amplifier inside the house); and satellite bringing up the rear as a last resort. With some luck, I'll accomplish all that in a week and we'll have a "real" internet connection. To paraphrase a popular saying from the 1970's: once you've had high speed, you never go back.

That is pretty much it. We've been taking photos of our work, but I think I'll wait on uploading them until we have a faster way of doing it, even if that means grabbing the laptop and heading out war-driving. Until then, expect only sporadic updates.

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