Monday, September 14, 2009

Night Symphony

I love the sounds here at night. Tonight I woke up around 3am and after getting a drink and using the facilities, I tried to go back to bed. The bedroom was warm so I opened our window. The coolness came in along with the cricket symphony. It is so neat to listen to after not hearing it for awhile. (Of course, my mind starting wandering and I couldn't go back to sleep -- so hear I am online still at 4am!)

Ric has been steadily plugging away at the basement work. I have been helping on and off. When he is stripping the drywall, I usually have not been helping. I'm afraid I would somehow dig the scraper into the drywall and make a bigger disaster. He finished up the "bedroom" Sunday night and should be able to start taping and mudding now. We did carry all the big plastic bins from the garage to the basement Sunday also. This week we plan on getting the garage emptied out enough that Mom can put her car back in it. When it comes time to move the big furniture, Ric plans on calling on a couple of his cousins that are in the area to help us. (Thank goodness!)

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