Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Short Update

Still in wait-mode; no word on anything. We keep plugging along with the basement project, getting the two largest areas all painted up, cleaned, swept, mopped and the floor touched up from various injuries it suffered during all the work on the walls. That will be dry enough by morning for us to start setting up furniture. The first challenge will be a king-sized water bed that is in a bajillion pieces and no one entirely sure how they all go together or even if all the pieces in the pile are actually part of the water bed. This could be fun. The plan is to set it up and see about getting a regular replacement mattress for it. There is a bladder and heater in the parts pile, but the heater looks... um... dubious is probably the kindest way to say it, and the bladder has duct tape on it which I take as a sign of a less-than-perfect record for the bladder holding its water (so to speak). Besides, I've tried sleeping on water beds and basically hate them. But in any case, that is the main challenge for tomorrow.

I also need to get our main computer system set up. It's been in a box since leaving Arizona and I've fallen very far behind in keeping track of our spending and where we are with our various bank accounts. As you can imagine, that kind of stuff is a little important when your income is zero. It will also give us a place to watch movies without annoying Debbie's mom too much, access to music, movies, etc. We still don't have high-speed internet access, so I won't be able to do several other things that I really need to do, but it will be a first step.

That's about it for now.

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