Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Job

Today will be my first official day at work, although I've already been called in twice since going in Thursday to fill out all the paperwork. Both times I was filling in for the dish washer who had an emergency root canal Thursday morning. Today I get to actually start training to do the job I was hired for. When I had time, I've jumped in a couple times over the last two days, but today I start learning how to do all the prep work and back up the two chefs. And yes, this is one of those places that have chefs, not cooks. And don't you ever forget it!

Now I have to run to a drug store and try to get the rest of my insulin pen injector. The Walgreen's morons just gave me the refill cartridges. I didn't catch the problem until last night when I got them out of the box. I'd been using up a couple sample pens prior to then which come as a complete unit, so I didn't realize I had a problem until around midnight last night. So off to spend more money I don't have.

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