Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Job Details

I'm not sure exactly what I will be doing at this new job, other than working in the kitchen. When I was originally called, they needed lunch hours, which would have worked out really well for us; I would be working basically the same hours as Debbie, although the days would be slightly out of sync (Tuesday through Saturday vs. Monday through Friday). Sunday, I got a phone call asking if the dinner shift would be OK. I get more hours, but that throws both our days and hours off. I will be leaving the apartment about an hour before Debbie gets home, then I get home about the time we usually go to bed. So we will see each other Saturday mornings and Sundays, more or less.

Ah well. We'll see what happens. This restaurant is brand new and still experimenting. I'm sure that this will not be anything permanent.

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