Friday, January 04, 2008

And Our Next President Is....

...Mike Huckabee!

(hee hee giggle snort)

Once again, the news media makes a big deal about who won in the Iowa caucus, which represents .001% of the United States population. And while it's nice to see the Ice Queen pull a much-deserved third place, she is still leading over-all. The best part will be seeing if this will prompt her to reveal her true self. According to rumors from White House staff that quit or were fired during Clinton I, she was the most-hated first lady in recent memory.

Speaking of the Queen Bee-otch, I saw a jpeg on the Drudge site a couple days ago that cracked me up. It disappeared before I could grab it, likely due to threats of litigation. But it was a KFC bucket, only with the letters "HFC" on the side along with Hillary's picture and "Contains two fat thighs, two small breasts, and a lot of left wings" or something very close to that. It was gone almost as soon as it was posted, but it has to be somewhere on the web.

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