Thursday, November 15, 2007

We're Outa Here!

Tomorrow we sign the papers to our new apartment in Prescott. I gave notice today that November 30 will be my last day in the foundry, and that we will have our room cleaned out by December 3. December 4, I will be flying back to Michigan to pack our stuff into a moving van, then driving 2,000+ miles back to Arizona. We may still have some sifting and sorting to make everything fit in the apartment, but there is a second-hand shop next door so we won't have to take anything very far to get rid of it.

The apartment is awesome. It is only five blocks from downtown Prescott, which means that a lot of places we normally go to on the weekend are now walking or biking distance. Debbie will be about five minute's drive from her work. I won't have a job when we move in, but as soon as I get all our stuff dumped into the apartment, I will be looking for something close by. I'd like to keep to one vehicle if we can pull it off.


Uncle Jonny's said...

How long are you going to be in MI?

Tom said...

yes, pray tell, as we would like to see you for a moment or two

Ric said...

Probably most of a week. I'll be flying into TC on Tuesday, then getting a truck and loading up some of our stuff we left in the cabin. Then Friday night or so, I will be running down to Debbie's mom's place to pick up the rest then heading west again. I figured on a few days to run around and say "Hey!" to everyone.