Thursday, October 05, 2006

Newest Member of the Family

No, no. Nothing like that. Today we bought a Toshiba Satellite for Debbie to use as an outside travel consultant for the company she has been working for. Tomorrow, we will be driving down to Grand Rapids to hammer out the final details and have the laptop configured by their "computer guy" for accessing the company network, e-mail, reservation system, etc. It's basic, but it should last for a while. We really don't beat up our hardware too badly. I am, after all, writing this on a laptop that classifies as a museum piece (Dell Inspiron 8000 I bought in 2000 or 2001), so I would expect the Toshiba to hold up for quite a while. My only regret is that I swore I was not buying another Microsoft product, but Windows XP is the only OS Debbie's employer will support. So off we went to Best Buy like good little lemmings and bought an off-the-shelf laptop. Ah well. As soon as the house sells, the trusty Dell will find itself replaced by a sweet little Mac Mini.

Anyway, not much else to report. Rooms continue to empty, bins continue to pile up. We are renting a moving truck on Friday the 13th (which falls on Friday this month) to drive everything that we won't be taking with us in the Durango to Florida and Arizona, down to Debbie's mom's basement. We will be back that night, stay here at the house Friday night, pack the Durango on Saturday, then start heading south. We currently plan to spend Saturday night and Sunday at Debbie's mom's, then head for Florida very early Monday morning to go romp with a giant mouse and hang out on a cruise ship. On the 29th, we are heading west and hope to make Mobile, Alabama the same day to hang for a bit with my sister and brother-in-law. Then sometime on the 30th, our trek west begins in earnest. We hope to be at Arcosonti on the 3rd or 4th of November to give us a couple days to recover from the drive, explore the area a bit, and get ready for our five-week workshop.

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