Friday, July 23, 2004


Long week that I wouldn't repeat on a bet.

Anyway, I'm about to get kicked out of the building so they can lock up, so this will be short. Yesterday was college; another good class and my study group got some good work hammered out. It looks like the final project is coming together nicely.

My personal project... well... not so good. I have to get a solid start on that this weekend no matter what else happens.

Anyway; the world:


Here is a good bit about why our churches are failing. I'm not sure I'm willing to go "back" to the old liturgical style service (Yea, yea, some never quit. I know that, but I'm talking here about evangelical churches that separated from the liturgical traditions a couple hundred years ago.). But I must say they can be enjoyable when done by both leaders and a congregation that are doing more than going through the motions. Of course I can say the same for the evangelical worship style, which in some times and places looks more like people at work on Monday morning than people worshipping God.

Churches will soon face a choice: drop the 501(c)3 status (contributions will no longer be tax exempt; the church will still be a non-profit) or have either Congress, the courts, or private lawyers (possibly all three) telling your pastor what he can preach. Many new churches are foregoing any formal tax organization, while existing churches keep sticking their heads in the sand and trying to pretend this isn't happening. The time to make major changes is before a crisis, not during.


I hope everyone remembers the 1970's because Uncle Al is bringing them back. I'm glad the bulk of my money is in real estate right now. I'll need some bell bottoms...


In a previous post, I, like many other bloggers and internet news sources, had links to a scary story of Middle Eastern guys on a NorthWest flight acting very strangely. Someone has tracked these men down, after a fashion, and they actually are musicians. Much of the fear was probably due to misunderstandings and a flight crew so concerned about "profiling" they allowed a large group of passengers to violate basic passenger flight rules. The article is a decent piece of research and some good analysis. The conclusions is still the same; just because this group really was a traveling group of musicians, the next group may not be.


Michael Fumento gives yet another math lesson. Fuzzy math indeed. This sort of nonsense would be funny except for the unnecessary deaths it produces. Clean drinking water would do the African continent more good that the world's entire supply of AID's drugs. But of course, drilling wells is something Africans could do for themselves instead of blaming the U.S. The whole mess sounds like a lot of the trash I hear from our inner-city areas. Maybe it really is genetic...

Well, gotta go.

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