Friday, July 30, 2004

Our phone line was cut yesterday because we have someone trying to fix the latest washouts in our road. I'm looking into a company that sets up wireless telephone and internet access today. Verizon installed the line improperly to begin with. Now they refuse to correct it because I can't find the paperwork from five years ago to prove to them that the line was not installed correctly. Mind you, they were the ones that told me that it was done wrong, but I have to prove to them that it was done wrong before they will fix it. Even if the wireless costs more, it will be worth it to not have to deal with these morons anymore.

In any case, I am doing this from my parent's house, so I have to keep it short. I also need to drive an hour in the wrong direction this morning to pick up the snow plow, drop it off at our place, then drive in to work. It's almost August, so we need to start getting ready to plow snow...

Anyway, I received this from Mom/Marge yesterday:

072904 - Good evening to you all - I was able to present Becky and Jamie with "ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS" this afternoon. Jamie sobbed and Becky was murmuring words of comfort to him from her prone position on the bed. They were so amazed, as I was, that we were able to pull this out of the bag so quick. There are still several family members that I haven't heard from - so -I'm sure we will be able to get some more to them next week.

Becky is really hurting and is trying to cut down on her pain pills - I think Rita and I convinced her that she needs them - when she waits too long to take one she has lost her momentum to fight the pain and has to start all over again.

She has now been diagnosed with broken collar bone also - and there is another cut on her broken arm on the forearm. They aren't going to cast the arm till cuts heal as it would contaminate the wounds.

She was so happy to see Kevin - when I walked into the room, he was sitting beside her bed with his hand just resting on her arm. She said she is most unhappy with the broken arm as that is the side she usually sleeps on - DARN -

God she was so lucky - like someone said - It was like she was in a protective bubble ie. God's arms around her during this terrible accident.

There are 4 people that donated that I don't have email address for - Barb and Rob - will you make sure Jason, and your mom and dad, Howard & Lou, sisters families, Carol & Ron and Sharon & Ernie get this info also? Barb - why don't we say Carol did $2.00 more than Sharon - so it still keeps it even?


Talk about funny - I said to Becky, "knowing our families, I'm really surprised that none of these flowers, cards etc have a train on or in them". She agreed - SO -O- O- O- HOW ABOUT IT?

Well I've got to get to bed - will keep you all posted on the final amts -

THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH FOR COMING THRU FOR BECKY - Quoting from our family yearbook from twenty some years ago - "When one family member is in trouble,the whole family is there to help - - this just exemplifies what our family is all about ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!!!"

Make it a GREAT weekend -
Love, Marge/Aunt Marge/Mom
Well, I really have got to hit the road. I may post something later today from work.

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