Monday, July 26, 2004

Crazy busy weekend, as usual. Friday night we worked on our budget and tried to come up with some sort of system that actually works. We're not there yet by any stretch, but getting closer.

Saturday, we had to be over to Lake Ann by 9am to pick up our church kids that were at camp. We got there early, so we had time to hang around and watch everyone interacting with each other. It was pretty cool. I never did the camp thing when I was growing up other than one summer when I was in elementary school. Probably should have, but that's all ancient history.

By the time we loaded everyone up and dropped them off at home it was after 11am. We went home and read and relaxed for a bit. I picked up my Dad and Sister around 3:30pm for a Father/Child gathering we had at one of the church family's home. That pretty much took up the rest of the day. I tried working on my lesson for Sunday morning, but couldn't keep my eyes open. It was only around 9pm, so I figured I would take a short nap, then get up and finish my lesson prep. Heh. The next thing I knew it was 6:30am.

Sunday was the usual stuff, plus we ran in to Traverse City between services to hit the dry cleaners, Home Depot, and Sam's. We headed straight back to church for Financial Peace University. Evening service was a little different; the Cedarville University puppet team will be doing our Vacation Bible School next week, so they had the evening service. We put out food afterwards and stood around talking and stuffing our faces until 8:30pm or so. I tried reading after we got home, but fell asleep on the couch until 1am or so.

Obviously, Monday was a slow start, so I'll be here at work half the night. I still haven't started on my final project for college, so I need to crank on that tonight. (sigh) It never seems to end.

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