Monday, June 14, 2004

The Weekend from Hell is over for better or worse. I ended up taking Friday off work just to try to get caught up. It helped some, but we were still scrambling trying to get ready for Sunday evening. We had a wedding on Debbie's side of the family in Petoskey. We just drove up and back rather than staying Saturday night and really make things tight for ourselves. The wedding and reception were a badly needed break for us even if it meant getting to bed very late. In any case, congratulations go out to Craig and Sarah, and God Bless!

We just skipped Sunday morning Bible study and showed up late for morning service because we grabbed some lunch on the way in. We never left the church until 8pm. After morning service we started setting up, then we took a break for our FPU. I was supposed to do choir practice, but I blew that off to finish setting things up. While all this was going on, tornados, thunderstorms, and downpours were rolling through Kalkaska. We figured attendance would be low. We figured wrong. We had over 60 people there, with a significant number of visitors. We did OK guessing on some things, like the cake, over-estimated on other things, like the baby carrots, and under-estimating on still other things, like the number of chairs. All in all, not too bad in that respect. My first time "in the pulpit" so to speak... well... it went. All I can say is that I survived. I was prepared to be pretty harsh, but due to the large number of visitors, I pulled most of my planned punches. Even so, I got a couple pats on the head, one sarcastic statement, and one very supportive statement. Most people pretended I didn't exist. I don't know if that's good or bad. We'll see what kind of push-back I get.

In any case, this looks to be a heads-down homework day. Gotta go.

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