2016 Books

Short Straw
Carnal Curiosity
No Safe Secret
Apprentice in Death
Crash and Burn
Fast and Loose
'Til Death Do Us Part
Family Jewels
The Total Package
As Time Goes By
A Girl's Guide to Moving On
Promises in Death
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72
Moving Target
Power Play
Unnatural Acts
Naked Greed
Scandalous Behavior
Cut and Thrust
Mounting Fears
Hot Pursuit
Left for Dead
Cruel Intent
Stand on Zanzibar
Memory in Death
Watching the Dark
Heart of Darkness
A History of the Future
Endings and Beginnings
A Matter of Choice
Tonight and Always
The Witch of Hebron
Name of the Game
Rules of the Game
World Made by Hand
Night Shadow
Night Shift
Edge of Evil
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
The Passenger
From the Earth to the Moon
Love Lies Beneath
Pretty Girls
Bay of Sighs
Thankless in Death
Strangers in Death
The Invisible Man
A Hero for Sophie Jones
Informed Risk
The Theory of Death
Wishes for Christmas
The Hero
The Homecoming
Back Fire
Dead Heat
Kentucky Sunrise
Vanity Fair
Home Free
Cross Roads
Fast Track
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle
Fifty Shades of Grey
Never Too Late
Razor Sharp
Master of Formalities
White Lies
Vanishing Act
Crown Jewel
Kentucky Rich
About Face
Night Of Magician
Fabulous Beast
The Authorities (Volume 1)
The Chronothon
An Unwelcome Quest
Sunny Chandler's Return
A Kiss Remembered
In Times Like These
150-Strong:A Pathway to a Different Future
Depraved Heart
Hemlock Bay
Tender Triumph
Hand of Evil
The Lost Key
The Final Cut
Moonwalking with Einstein
Make Me
The Second-Chance Dog
Brotherhood in Death
Dance of the Bones
Heaven and Earth
Running to the Mountain
Stars of Fortune
The End Game
Northern Lights
Devoted in Death
Tricky Twenty-Two
Chill Factor
Wicked Business
The Naked Eye
Shadow Play
The Scam
Wicked Charms

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