Friday, November 02, 2018

Taking the Plunge

Well, I did it. I paid the $20 bucks to see just what I can do with this thing. The first thing was adding the rest of my links over there on the right. The problem is that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the Customize Journal Style without going into Help and searching on "link list". That seems like a cumbersome way to navigate, but I'll be damned if I can figure out how else to get to that page.

I'll get it eventually, I suppose. If nothing else, I'll have to ask the support types how to do it.

Anyway; the reasons we've been incognito for four months.

The first kick in the teeth was, of course, the death of Debbie's mom. We're still trying to get our feet back under us from that one. We do a lot of sitting and staring at nothing, not really interested in much of anything. So we were starting off from a pretty low baseline.

Then we had Debbie's family reunion the first part of August (her mom's family, natch). The drive up nearly killed us, then on the drive home, we ended up stranded with a dead car in the big booming town of Pioneer, Tennessee. We scrambled trying to get the car fixed and/or replaced, but we broke down on a Friday around 10pm and couldn't even get a tow until Monday morning. Meanwhile, Debbie's asshat boss was making threats about how she better get back to work ASAP. (More on those shitdicks in a bit.) We finally got the car running and managed to limp home, but we were both now so far behind at work and at home that it all seemed hopeless.

The next bit of fun was my boss announcing that he was stepping down as Administrator and was leaving the job to me. Understand that this has been the assumption among the members and the board, but I've been consistently saying that me as Administrator would be a disaster for the lodge and for Debbie and I personally. So naturally, everyone thinks I'm just being modest. No, I'm being honest, but to no avail. The process moves ahead with the inevitability of a freight train. If you see a mushroom cloud rising up from Zephyrhills, Florida, you'll know what it is. I'm not even officially official in the job yet and I already have a couple dozen people who refuse to speak to me. No big deal; they're mostly whiny pains-in-my-ass, but probably not a good sign about my future in this job.

Meanwhile, the prick owners of Debbie's place of employment, Cruises-n-More, refused to give her the time off she needed to go back up to Michigan to clean up her mom's affairs. Understand that this is a family-owned business. These people think nothing of taking off for months at a time to go take care of precious daddy when he gets a sniffle. (He lives in Hawaii; what a massive burden it must be for them....) Debbie told them back in May that she was going to need some time around the end of October or first of November. Once plans were final, Debbie gave them exact dates. They dicked around for three weeks before telling her, "No." So she quit without notice.

Personally, I wish Debbie had told them to piss off years ago. They've always treated her like shit, especially the sadistic spic bitch floor manager. And because Karma, Debbie already has a line on something making nearly twice what she was making that also includes health insurance.

So Debbie is up in Michigan sorting through her mom's stuff while I'm batchin' it here in Florida working 60-70 hours a week. Which pretty much brings us up to the present. Back to messing around with LiveJournal.

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