Thursday, September 21, 2017

Life in Florida

Woman arrested while trying to yank out another woman's hair and uterus.

Pasco man arrested for driving into person who set bananas on his car.

Hours after Hurricane Irma, Miami-Dade County tickets residents for code violations.

And yes, I saw the update where the county tries to walk back its profound stupidity. There is no possible excuse for hassling people who are standing outside their destroyed home trying to find missing relatives about a damaged pool fence. As far as damaged electric and gas meters, there is nothing a resident could do about it even if Home Depot happened to be opened. Those are the property and responsibility of the utility. So again, why are you hassling someone more concerned with where they are going to live and what they are going to eat because their gas meter isn't properly attached to their destroyed house?

Whenever a stupid man is doing something that even he knows is stupid, he will always use the excuse that he was just following orders.


Anonymous said...

It must be Donald Trump's fault

Ric said...

LOL. And the Russians...