Monday, March 17, 2014

Post Number 2,001

I didn't realize at the time, but the previous anniversary post is also the 2,000th post. That's a lot of typing.

Not a great deal going on at Chez Frost. We're both working our way through our respective busy seasons. I'm not working a great deal of hours, like back in the day when I would put in 60-70 hours a week during tax season, but I'm working a lot of days. I'm sitting at The Desk at least six days a week, but working short shifts. Which completely sucks. Working only five hours still pretty well screws up the rest of the day as far as getting anything else accomplished. I always have big plans, especially when I'm working the late shift, about all the things I'm going to get done in the hours that I'm not at work. Yet somehow, very little if anything seems to get done. The Stuff just piles up and up. There is no way I can get through the pile in the one day off. Fortunately, I do have a break coming up in the form of a couple 5-day weeks. The irony is that I'll likely spend my two days off doing income taxes for family and park people....

Debbie has been cranking it out big time at her work. She just set a new office record for the number of cabins sold in a single pay period. Most are still not taking insurance (which is what her bonuses are computed on), but enough of them are that she's gotten a couple big checks so far this year. Which of course go right out the door, mostly into the ever-eager arms of the Medical-Industrial Complex. It seems that's all we work for: paying medical bills. Of course, under Obamacare, that is exactly what we would be doing; sending our entire take-home pay to either our health insurance provider or to pay all the doctor bills and prescriptions that won't be covered by our expensive health insurance. Or we can just continue paying cash for our medical expenses like we've been doing for years, and give Obamacare a giant middle finger.

And that's pretty much our life at this point.

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